What if America eliminated permanent migration and instead created 'immigration internships':

1) Qualified persons are allowed in the country for 6 years, only.
2) After 6 years, they go back to their country of origin.
3) And spouses and chldren acquired here, go back with them. 
4) The children will be considered foreigners on a parent's internship. 
5) This will minimize Omarian-pay-for-play immigration marriages.

At the end of 6 years, the immigrant (and any famiy), goes home and instanty becomes discontent with their old country, and begins to push for change.
Capitalist social revolution.

(Saudi Arabi allows immigration but not citizenship for immigrant workers. Perhaps this is a useful model.) 

“Economies of Middle East countries including Saudi Arabia has two class of people: Local ethnic Saudis (citizens of Saudi Arabia) and expatriates who are all guest workers with work contracts of specified duration. Expatriates in most of the Arab countries can not become citizens regardless of the lengths of their stay, many having worked for three or four decades. Many are second generation expatriates having been born and brought up within the country!” 

Eric J. Rose

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