Safe Spaces

Liberals want safe spaces, away from fascists and other haters, supposedly. 

But wait! 
Nazi Germany was all about creating a safe space for Aryans. 
Nazi safe spaces were created partly by book burning; only certain words were allowed. 
And guns were confiscated.
Then the the death trains came for people.

Now, people wearing MAGA hats are kicked out of coffee shops while leftist leaders in the US talk about extinguishing the GOP 

Nazi Germany was all about racial purity. Many people-groups were targeted for extinction. 
Antifa is the enforcement arm for the ‘social thought-purity’ movement, yet Antifa leaders are being arrested as child molesters. 

The left's 'safe spaces' are just corrals used to gather the gullible ones to be used in the fight against free thought and free speech.  
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