Racial Equality

African Americans long for racial equality with white Americans. I understand that it is easy to feel uncomfortable when most people are a different color. 
I have been to Latino countries and had the minority experience.
In 2005 I walked to the MLK Memorial from the nearest MARTA train depot, and had what seemed like a long walk back and forth.

Let's unpack this... 

One part of racial equality is numerical. 
If a persons sense of racial equality depends on  numerical equality, there will be an unending shortfall. 
America was not filled with slave owners. Most white people didn’t own slaves. 
Hence, ‘White’ does not equal ‘slave owner’. 
This fact affects today’s racial balance. 

Another reason for numerical inequality is insider black violence, including abortion. 
Blacks kill their own color, including unborn babies, at a higher percentage than whites do.

Immigration is yet another reason for numerical inequality of blacks. 
Democrats have learned that most Americans really don’t like their social goals, so they are trying to win elections by importing masses of people who Democrats assume will vote for them. 
Most of these immigrants move into poorer neighborhoods, straining the support systems in place for America’s poor, making America’s poor even poorer. 
More about this at: http://the32112020.com/1_24_african-americans.html

This moves us into the discussion on economic inequality. A few points: 

Economic success corresponds partly to education. Whites have a lower drop-out rate. 

Success has its own language. Some blacks condemn other blacks for ‘talking white’. 
There is no way around this. It’s fine to have your own culture, but let your culture include the language of success. 
It is ironic that modern black immigrants often try harder to speak proper English than many some African-Americans. 
Oprah knew enough to ‘talk white’ if she wanted to succeed. 

The widest section of culturally-comfortable African-Americans I know, are those with successful military careers. 
They spend their time and their lives loving and protecting America. 
I don’t mean they are all Generals, but they have served long and well and enjoy the benefits of focused productivity. 

Next, white kids are more likely to have bio-dads at home with them. One cannot underestimate the importance of this one factor. 
Kids with dads at home are free to look for opportunities for success, rather than looking for excuses as to why their daddies don’t love them enough to be there. 

A lot of racial disparity is the result of fatherlessness, a sure source of poverty and lack of opportunity. 
It’s not accurately-placed blame, and it’s not fair when fatherless blacks hate white people who wish no harm to African-Americans. 

Finally, white (Republican) mayors look after white citizens better than black mayors look after black citizens. 
Consider the Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Bottoms, stole $175K of city money, earmarked for new police cars, to be used for luxury vehicles for her own use. 
Atlanta has the 18th highest murder rate of large American cities. Study black democrat mayors. 
It's an epidemic that they try to deflect by talking trash about white folk. 
American blacks with black mayors, many of you are being used.

Eric J. Rose
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