This piece is about a hidden reason for feminism. 

Many women are feminists because they feel discriminated against by men (and other women) because of their looks. 
Consider the following webpage: 

I can be a slow study. I was over 40 before I became aware of the existence of ‘The Female Olympics’. 
I used to think that women naturally got along. Stupid me. Perhaps ads for the movie ‘Mean Girls’ woke me up. 
The Female Olympics is real and runs 24/7/365. 
There are a lot of females that don't feel attractive, and it shows in their atitude toward life. 
But I’ve seen a lot of plain people find lasting mates. 

I believe that nearly every human can find someone to love them, but not everyone believes that. 
A lot of women would be less contentious if they felt prettier. 
I suppose since their looks affects their marketability, they feel angry toward men.

I just wish they would be more forthright and say:
“I hate life because I’m not pretty enough to get a man to love me, and I’m a Democrat because the Democrats have made a niche for women like me!” 

If Repubicans want to win elections, they need to make a place for these women, both in the GOP and in society; 
a place where a plain woman has acceptance and a place where she can feel safe from ridicule, where people look at her heart and not just her face. 

A lot of Republican women flaunt their beauty and rub others' noses in it. 
That needs to change and tone down a little if they want to see America be great again.

Eric J. Rose

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