There are several ways our law enforcement/judicial system could be improved. 

We have a two-tiered justice system. Sins of the Democrats are being covered up by those using microscopes on Trump allies.  

Sexual harassment lawsuits against Congressmen paid with taxpayer money? Let’s see the list, and demand reimbursement.

We should not negotiate wilth killers about the location of their victims' bodies.
Convicted killers should automatically go into solitary confinement until they reveal the location of the missing body and murder weapon. 

Claims of insanity should never interrupt the prosecution of evil. 
While both evil and insanity may inhabit the same person, evil should not go ununished.

I’m a crime show buff. Occasionally an innocent person is found guilty because of evidence planted by an LEO: “David Kofoed, the former Douglas County, Nebraska CSI director, was convicted of evidence tampering and is serving 20 months to four years in Lincoln Community Corrections.” https://journalstar.com/special-section/epilogue/epilogue-shattered-trust/article_51967899-eeda-5ab7-b3b4-98ce49a7a881.html (Lincoln Journal Star) 
One of the great things a state governor can accomplish is to correct such injustices. Governors have the power to pardon. In the case of an innocent person in jail, an appeal is filed. The governor can announce that either a new trial is held or the person will be pardoned. 
Cyntoia Brown & Tennessee Governor Halsam is an example of how this works. 

What would our courts and prisons look like if there were no illegal immigrants and if police were not the first line of defense against mentally ill persons, 
who have legal rights that exceed their capacity to live safely with themselves and others? 

It’s not unusual for evidence to take months to process. This drives up the cost of justice and creates more victims. 
How do we test evidence in a more timely manner? 

12-18-18: I watched a crime show where a man died from antifreeze poisoning. The 2nd wife was the suspect, but claimed he committed suicide. They were separated, but she received the life insurance money. She was convicted, but no one brought up the following point; If someone is going to commit suicide over a troubled marriage, why would they keep the dragon-spouse as the beneficiary? 
Why would an insurance company pay an ex-spouse?

I want to support the police, but I have two reservations. 
#1 Sanctuary Cities. How do citizens support police that aren’t allowed to protect them?. So many used-to-be felonies are now misdemeanors.
#2, What happens if the 2nd A. is repealed, in part or full? 
       I would like to hear police say that they would resign before confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens. 

All the statistics of an offender should be released by the police and the news. 
Nation of origin is often hushed by FakeNews and Sanctuary City mayors. 
Citizens have a right to know who is dangerous and why. The ‘who’ often tells us the ‘why’. Simple fact.

I would like to see crime statistics sorted and reported according to Congressional districts. (highschool dropout rates too)

True or False: Trained medical people intentionally kill more people than NRA members, and use their medical training and positions to do so. 
And they use tightly-controlled medical supplies to do their killing. 
Professional training, certification and drug-control laws are not stopping these murderers. 

Eric J. Rose
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