For some, free enterprise is the enemy. 

A generation of those who received childhood participation medals, chafe at a merit-based reward system for their labors. 
And older people, tired of being cheated by the greed of the others, begin to cast a longing eye toward socialism. 
I’ve seen enough to know that most capitalism is better than most socialism, but at some point, either can become slavery. 
After all, US slavery was a form of capitalism.

If we want to avoid socialism, we need to investigate American business practices that make socialism attractive. 

Even as a conservative, I view business like I view immigrants; they should have to justify their existence in this country. 
Let’s face it; humans are flawed and businesses and governments are extensions of those who create or manage them.
) Some immigrants come to America to integrate, assimilate, serve other people and prosper accordingly. 
) Some Immigrants come to America to reap America’s wealth, then send it home. 
) Yet others immigrants come only to invade, conquer and enslave America. 
Businesses are like that, too. 

From the consumer/citizen’s viewpoint, businesses exist for two reasons: 
1) To deliver quality goods or services at a fair price.
2) To provide jobs locally. 

This is not always happening, so in this section, I will focus on things that businesses do to make socialism appealing. 
I hope business leaders will examine their business practices and calibrate their enterprises toward beneficent capitalism. 
If your business is not here to do good for others, I wish you would change your focus. 

A Congress full of Trumps couldn't keep America from socialism if business-greed beats the love for free enterprise out of ordinary Americans. 

To begin, here are three YouTube videos about the negatives of capitalism: Bosses that make free enterprise ugly. 28 examples of deceptive packaging. Bad internet purchases. 
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