As of February 1, 2019, there is a bill working through the Nebraska Legislature that would allow lenders to charge up to 29% interest. 

Only the poor would need to pay that kind of interest and are the least able to do so. 
And often there are accompanying fees and penalties that will suffocate them. 

The argument that “they voluntarily agreed to pay those kinds of interest” will not hold up on the Judgement Day before Jesus. 
The Bible and the US Constitution are not identical documents. Jesus looks at things differently than does SCOTUS.

Poverty makes a person vulnerable to such schemes, 
just as being a blonde female amongst Muslims makes her vulnerable to rape. 

The people that would charge this kind of interest...
are they ready to spend eternity in a place where water can’t even be found, much less bought? 
How will money stolen from poor people on this earth help the rich in eternity? 

Eric J. Rose
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