Negative Examples

These are personal examples of free enterprise that can make one tired of free enterprise. 

*If I have to login just to view a new website, I go elsewhere. Who I am, is none of their business
  And I don’t care for 'informative websites' that are simply a cover for advertising. 
*I favor stores that have live checkers. This creates more jobs and gives back to the community.
*Twitter: Skewed censorship. Israel-haters and baby-haters are given free rein while Constitutionalists are considered unacceptable. 
*A lot of organizations are using interns. Is this a way to invest in the young workforce or is it just a way to financially exploit young people? 
 It’s probably both, depending on the organization. We need to purify the system so we can have confidence in the process of internships. 

*Back in 1981, I worked labor at construction site for a beef plant. I worked for the general contractor for a while, then was hired as a laborer for the electrical contractor. My first day there, the big boss asked me how much I was drawing. I told him $6 per hour, which is what I was told. This was $1 more than the general contractor was paying. The electrical contractor said he would only pay me $5 per hour. I protested. He told me to take the $5 or go back to the general contractor. I stayed, but I never forgot being lied to and losing 18% of my agreed-on pay. 

I bought a cordless power tool kit that advertised having two batteries. One battery was half the size of the other. 

*I recently flipped a house. I had a couple of steps that discouraged me. 
1) The property had an ash tree. A buyer made an offer, contingent on a tree inspection. The buyer brought in a tree service, who claimed the tree had boring worms and quoted $4,300 to remove the tree. I wasn’t born on a turnip truck yesterday. I looked up photos of infestation on the internet and found none on the tree. I called in my tree trimmer, a Class 1 Arborist who said he saw no evidence of infestation, but said only Class 2 Arborists are qualified to make that call. I contacted the Nebraska Forest Service, but they were unable help me get a 2nd opinion by a professional without a financial stake in the process, except for the diagnosis fee. I lost that sale but sold it to the next bidder, without all the tree drama. 
2) I had the furnace in this same house checked by a local top-10 HVAC company. The service tech hung a meter on a register near the furnace and told me the heat exchanger was leaking CO, and quoted $1,950 to replace it. I sought a second opinion. The second service tech told me the first analysis was flawed because, being a 90% efficient furnace, the test could only be performed by drilling a hole in the combustion-air exchange pipe and inserting the sensor into the pipe. He said that such a furnace CANNOT leak Carbon Monoxide into the house. 
I watched an episode of  'This Old House' a couple weeks later when Rich Trethewey said the very same thing. 

Two times on one project, it seems that licensed professionals tried to take advantage of me. The State of Nebraska has given tree companies the right to diagnose tree infestations. They have also given HVAC companies the legal right to inspect and turn off a homeowner’s gas for dangerous units. The worst part is, an HVAC company can lie to a naïve homeowner about their furnace and shut off the gas in the middle of winter, and the homeowner is helpless, unless they call in a second opinion, which many are too rattled to do. 

*When I go on vacation or to visit someone, I call ahead for motel reservations. They quote a price, but I always have to ask for the final cost, with all taxes. Because of tourism taxes, where cities abuse visitors then hope they return, motels should include taxes on their quotes. 
By the way, in 2017, I reserved a room with my credit card, only to have a room charged to my card 4 times at that motel before my plane ever landed in that city. Wow. 

*Many companies use fine print to alter what seems to be a good offer. No wonder so many Americans have grown unhappy with capitalism.
*A major retailer is closing some of their stores in our area. I went to see what was on sale. Supposedly 30% off. Jeans that I used to buy for $24, were now priced at $36, with 30% off. But my wife and I watched them do this for years. They deserve to close. But I feel bad for their local store employees; they’re out of a job while the manipulators at the top causing the problems, probably still have their jobs. 

*Human Resources: 
Over the years, I have applied for many positions. In the last few years I have seen a real cruel streak emerge from HR departments, large and small. 
“We will contact you if your qualifications meet our needs” 
Any company that can receive applications over the internet, has the capacity to build a program to notify applicants that they don’t meet qualifications. 
The decision not to notify applicants is simply a sadistic power play, and it makes people hate capitalism. 

*3-15-19. I went to an electronics store today. Lots of employees, but couldn’t find anyone to help me. Most of the employees were double-teaming each customer. Finally looked up the phone number on my cell internet and called the store I was standing in. 
There was a series of options that never connected me to a person, so I could get sales help. Communications are supposed to create connections. 
So tired of not being able to talk to a real person to solve a problem. 
This goes for all types of companies from public utilities all the way down to cell phones. 
Phone companies are often the worst offenders. Personalized service; do it right or find something else to do. 

*Crime show: Man buys real estate agency and the owner stays on for a while, agrees to a ‘key person’ insurance policy, which would pay benefits if he died during the life of the policy. The business deal went sour and the older ex-owner became fearful for his life because of $1.58 M insurance policy. 
He called the insurance company to try to get the policy cancelled. The company refused. He was murdered. 
Greed on two fronts; the killer and the insurance company. The insurance company charged $3K per month premiums. 
A ‘key person’ should be able to step away from such an insurance policy. 

*I went Christmas shopping 12-19-18. Major retail chain. Lots of helpful workers in the store, but only 2 cashiers, with 12 people standing in line waiting to be checked out. Why? 

*“We are currently experiencing high call volumes. Please remain on the line or try another time” 
  Translation: “We refuse to hire enough people to properly serve our customers.” 

*Another weak point in business is the ad that shows people fumbling around with competitor's products. 
 So icky, those ads insult my intelligence. 

Even so, socialism is much worse. Look at Venezuela.

Eric J. Rose
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