Rating System

I’s time that we as consumers expect more accountability from the businesses we patronize. 
We need to work out a rating system that tells us which businesses do the most for the local economy, so we can shop accordingly. 
I think a $ales-to-employee ratio might work. 
We just need to discern if these numbers are loaded with top-end employees that are working in another city, not helping the local employment rate. 

Businesses need to fill consumer needs; and also need to help create a pool of consumers that can afford to buy what companies offer. Businesses create consumers when they hire people to deliver goods and services to customers, paying them wages that turn them into viable consumers. 

Self-check-out stations do not create jobs.  Many businesses are on a suicide mission; eliminating customers by creating unemployment, then expecting someone else to provide them with paying constomers. If a business runs out of consumers, the business must die. 

I didn’t say that people would quit needing the product, but needy people are just needy people, not consumers. 

Businesses creating consumers is like relatives bringing food to a family reunion. 
My guideline is, bring at least enough total food to feed your immediate family, and a bit more. 
Likewise, Business ‘A’ should directly and indirectly create employment to sustain Business ‘A’, 
not rely on Business ‘B’ to create the jobs it takes to support Business ‘A’. 
Otherwise, they’re like the family of five that brings a package of rolls and expects someone else to provide the butter. 

Finally, Americans should favor businesses that keep their profits in America, American owned. 
It is a real betrayal to support a company born in American, only to see it be sold to foreign investors.
That is a betrayal and helps other countries re-colonize America.

Eric J. Rose
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